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How to Increase Company Visibility on Linkedin in 2020 - For Small Businesses

Linkedin is heaven for B2B businesses. No other platform even comes near to it when it comes to lead generation in B2B.

Since B2B is nothing more than Human to Human, you need to optimise your company's Linkedin profile to the best for letting the decision-makers know what exactly are they can expect from your business.

But first of all, you need other people to discover your company page right?

For that you can go through the following 10 tips which will help in improving your Linkedin Company page's visibility drastically:

1) Have a strong personal Linkedin profile & mention your company page in your posts.

If you are the Founder/Partner/Executive of your business, you have to leverage your connections on Linkedin and have to let your audience know about your company page.

You don't have to shove it up to their face. Please don't spam their chat or their feed with your company page.

All you have to do is to tag your company profile while you're telling an interesting story that has something to do with your company. If people really like the story that you're telling, it's a high chance that they'll give the page a visit and who knows, may click the follow button too!

Read this blog by Gary Vaynerchuk on How to story tell via Social Media

Here is an example of how I leverage my personal account to improve my company, Blusteak Media's Linkedin page visibility:

2) Invite your connections to follow your company page

Linkedin now sometimes allows you to invite your connections to follow your company page.

Somewhere between 20 to 25 people you can invite at once. And weirdly enough, Linkedin takes away the feature for sometime after you invite your connections. I see that after about 2 weeks or 3 weeks time, it reappears.

Linkedin only allows you to invite upto 25 connections at a time

3) Use SEO to your advantage

This might surprise you, but from what I experienced, Google loves to rank your company's Linkedin page. You have to be very careful in writing the company's about section.

Make it SEO friendly including all your selected keywords.

After optimising company's about section, Our Linkedin company page ranks second to our website.

In addition, Google also scraps content from the posts on your company page. Therefore don't feel lazy to add more text content to your posts. Also, add ALT text to all the images that you're posting.

[Video] How to add alt text in Linkedin posts

4) Study your analytics & improve upon it

Linkedin shows four main metrics as the key performance indexes, ie. Unique visitors, New followers, Post impressions and Custom button clicks.

Linkedin Company Page Analytics

One math you always have to calculate is the conversion percentage which can be formulated by dividing the new followers with unique visitors and then multiplying the result with 100. Try to keep the conversion ratio above 20%. If you are not getting that result, try changing your cover picture, bio and posting strategy.

For visibility, the sole metric is post impressions. To increase post impressions, apart from those who already follow your company you can ask your employees to engage with the posts by commenting, re-sharing and reacting to it. This will help the post to reach across their connections too.

5) Have a warm & welcoming cover picture

As said in the above point, your cover picture can be a factor in giving your company it's the first impression to the visitors. We all know people judge a book by its cover.

Some ideas to make it better is by integrating your employees into the picture, by listing your top testimonies in the picture or by putting up a clear & short vision statement of your company in the cover picture.

Have a look at Canva's cover picture:

Canva features all of their employees in the cover picture

6) Document all the milestones & activities that are happening in the Company

There is this one big co-relation between the spike in followers, connections and subscribers to the number of content you are producing on that platform. If it's Youtube, the more number of videos that you are putting out on youtube, the more chances are there for increasing the number of subscribers.

Just like that, I have seen the same coming into action for Linkedin too. The more quantity you put in, the more people going to find your company.

One hack for getting out maximum content is by "Documenting". It is nothing but recording all the minor and major activities and achievements in the company on the Linkedin page.

For example, it can be about the birthday of an employee to the experience of the co-founder who went for a keynote session.

Documenting our webinar activity on our Linkedin Page

7) Resharing articles that are related to your industry which can provide your audience value

Yes, there could be times when you do not have content to "Document" like when there is nothing special happening in the company. In those times you can adopt this "Filler" technique that I use which seems to be working good.

The thing is to reshare articles or pieces of content related to your industry which can provide new insights to your audience. For example, if you're an SEO company you can reshare articles from Moz with an opinionated description coming from your part.

If you are furiously using this little trick you are going to be a content aggregator in your niche. Hence, people might give your company a visit in order to get updates from several different sources.

You can use Quora for getting content for resharing.

Since we're into digital marketing, we love resharing Neil Patel

8) Comment as your Company page on "Trending posts"

Linkedin will give you notifications when there are some trending posts appears in the hashtags you follow. Take advantage of the attention that Linkedin is pouring on that content and comment on something very unique and insightful.

Linkedin prompts you to give a response to a trending post

From my experience, a huge chunk of people who engage with the content comes down to read the comments too. Just like any other social platform, commenting is a golden ticket for getting free exposure.

Example of how you can respond to a post in comments

9) Add LinkedIn company page link in your E-mail signatures & in About the author notes

Leverage your E-mail signatures by adding links to your company's Linkedin profile. Chances are that if the receiver gets curious about your company, she might give a look at your company page.

Just like that, if you are a guest blogger or if you're company has an active blog, make sure to add a link to your company's LinkedIn page so that readers can navigate through it & eventually gain you a follower too.

You can use these templates to drive more traffic not only to Linkedin but anywhere else

10) Ask interns, collaborators and everyone else to mention your company account when writing about the company on Linkedin

Surely a lot of people are going to write about the experience they had with your company, let it be an intern or an ex-employee. If you come to know about this, kindly ask them a small favour of tagging your company profile in their story. Like I've said before, it is a good story, people are going to check out your company page.

Example of how one can mention your company page when talking about your work


Basically all you have to do it be focused on building a human-centric story around your company in and around Linkedin. And of course, while starting off, don't be shy of asking people for collaboration and help - without it, traction is almost impossible.

Thank you for reading!

[About the author: Jaison Thomas is an entrepreneur, speaker & writer. He co-founded the digital marketing agency, Blusteak.]




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