• Jaison thomas, Co-founder

Example of a good online marketing campaign: #Takebacksleep by Bombay Dyeing & TOI

Recently I came across a campaign that I thought was brilliant which utilises the full potential of online marketing.

The campaign name was #Takebacksleep and was ran by Bombay Dyeing & TOI.

1) First up, it came to me as a Youtube ad in which the story is a very relatable day in the life a millennial who works in an agency (most probably an ad agency I guess). The characters are portrayed too busy & cuts off sleep.

2) Then as the video ends it shows a link to a website, where we can take a sleep quiz & according to the answers it tells us about our sleep quality.

3) Then again after a couple of hours, it was remarketed to me on Instagram stories from which I went to the website again, which then made me talk about the campaign with my colleagues. Awareness, Action & Advocacy - every box checked. I love these types of 360 online promotions that provide value to the modern-day consumer. You can visit the site here




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